Why is it that we spend so much of our time, energy, and resources inviting people, when Jesus spent so much of His getting Himself invited? Have we, as followers of Christ, lost the art of getting ourselves invited to share the gospel, and if so, how do we rediscover it? Shalom addresses these questions and, like the other books of this trilogy, provides a practical four-step template that is easy to follow yet groundbreaking in its perspective.Now used by Christians around the world, the Shalom Strategy equips you to reach others on both a personal and organizational level by leading you through the method that Jesus demonstrated to His followers, commanded His disciples to implement, and guided Paul the Apostle to employ. Jesus did not come to simply rescue us. He came to recruit us. In this increasingly polarized world, our commission is to bring people to peace with God. Or as the ancient Hebrews referred to it… Shalom.

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